The first Euro 2012 semi-final against Portugal Spain together, both have great players and very classy, the difference is a reserve player Matador has the same quality as a major player, while at the camp Seleccao between the major players and substitutes a slightly different abilities. Only Portugal currently has Christiano Ronaldo figure that could change the situation and a decisive victory for his team. So here’s my prediction …

Spain will dominate the midfield, as usual they will rely on ball possession to create a Portugal player fatigue and force them to continue to survive, Seleccao itself will strengthen the defense and deadly counterattack, they will rely on the speed of their wing attackers. This action is like a duel El Clasico, Barcelona-style tiki taka against the counter-attack style of Real Madrid. Veloso Meireles and will try to break the flow of the ball led by Xavi Hernandez. Minimize your own mistakes and luck will be the deciding factor of this game.
In the first round I would predict that Portugal scored the first equalizer and Spain. Score 1-1 to end the first half.
In the second half will continue to press Portugal Spain, but the lack of proper substitutions caused no opportunity can be maximized Team Matador, and vice versa through a quick counter-attack or set piece will probably also give prominence to Seleccao. So the final result 2-1 to win the Portugal. Matador lift a suitcase, Seleccao advanced to the finals.
Bravo ,